Public School Enrollment Plummets As Private and Charter Schools Grow

More parents and students are saying no to traditional public schools.

Students across the country are exiting the public school system in mass numbers. Education Week reports every state saw a drop in enrollment after the 2019-2020 academic year, totaling 1.4 million. The Department of Education says enrollment after the 2019-2020 school year "fell by its largest margin in at least two decades."

“Families now have a lot more options, and I think as families start seeking them out, it’s going to effect the school systems,” Education expert Jean Burk said. “Either for them to straighten up or for them to realize they’re way behind.”

Burk, who is the CEO of College Prep Genius, says parents “woke up” during the pandemic, saying no to the controversial Critical Race Theory curriculum, mask mandates, and students sitting on a computer all day.

“So, now you’ve got people flocking to other avenues for kids whether it’s homeschooling, which is up 40%,” she explained. “Whether it’s private schools or in this case charter schools.”

Charter schools, in particular, saw 240,000 new students this year. The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools says “families want more, not fewer, public school choices.”

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