How Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Is Weakening Our Military

As if Joe Biden's vaccine mandate wasn't bad enough for our nation, now it's going to have a major effect on our military.

According to a report from 'Just The News', several hundred Navy SEALS are in danger of not being deployed, if they don't get the shot.

"They've been told that if they take the religious exemption, or if they don't get the shot at all, they will no longer be allowed to deploy with their SEAL teams" said JTN reporter John Solomon.

The SEAL's are fighting it, but as of right now, they are still facing a deadline at the end of the month.

"They're going to be treated as lesser SEAL's because of a legitimate faith concern about this vaccine" Solomon told KTRH, "When you look at these men already carrying the burden of the 20 years of war that they've been through, this seems like the government abandoning them and not listening to them after all they've done."

Attorney's for the SEAL's are asking for at least a 90-day extension, but either way, this is not a good time at all to be watering down our military. "When Afghanistan is falling apart, North Korea is firing missiles into the ocean, and China taking aggressive actions, you want your fighting men and women at their best, and right now it seems as though the SEAL's may not be" Solomon said.

Yet another bad moment thus far, for the Biden administration.

Doctor wearing protective work wear injecting COVID-19  vaccine to soldier

Photo: Getty Images

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