The Joe Biden Economy Is Not Working, And The Democrats Know It

This is a big week for Democrats, and an even bigger week for President Joe Biden.

The Dems have set a deadline by the end of the week to jam through their massive spending bills. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has promised the House will pass, the smaller, $1 trillion dollar infrastructure bill, while also working behind the scenes to get everyone on board for the omnibus $3.5 trillion dollar splurge, aka 'the green new deal'.

"He's hitting a roadblock in Congress because the policies are so extreme" said economist and Executive Chairman with Annandale Capital, George Seay, "Anyone who knows anything about math, and economics, and debt, realizes that what they're proposing will ruin our country economically."

The irony is, Joe Biden ran as a moderate, but as Seay told KTRH, this spending spree is radical.

"Since he took the presidency, to keep his base in tact, all of his policies are about spending trillions, and trillions of more money, and redistributing resources from those who have it, to those who don't have it." Which is also known as 'the great reset'.

Biden is banking on the bill passing, and it comes at a critical. Despite what you don't hear from the mainstream media, the first 8 months of the Biden presidency have been a disaster, New polling numbers show that inflation, and rising prices are the top priority for voters.

Pretty much any economist you talk to says that adding nearly $5 trillion dollars of more debt is a bad idea. But Seay says this is much bigger than that for the Democrats who will rally together when push comes to shove later this week, because that's what they do.

"He has an open field" Seay says, even though Biden's approval rating is at a record low right now of 43%. The Democrats know that as brutal as this year has been, a government shutdown would be a disaster. Plus, they want to get as much passed as they can before next years midterms.

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