No matter what they say - There is No Privacy Using a Cell Phone App

There's no crying in baseball, and there's no privacy in mobile phone apps. No matter what phone and app developers say, all mobile phones, including iPhones, are tracking your habits, according to Economist Dr. Peter Morici. He admits that iPhones track less than Androids, but iPhones track plenty. Most free apps sell your information to advertisers, but who else is getting your information? says Morici, "If advertisers can get ahold of your information, then people can present themselves as something they are not and get the information. If someone wants to get ahold of something they shouldn't - then sooner or later the criminal will succeed!"

He says it could be made illegal. "Congress can pass laws that will make them stop --- but we see how ineffective they are at getting things done (!). Congress is more interested in having them censor speech than insuring our privacy!" On your iPhone, when you click on the "Ask app not to track" box, some apps will keep on snooping anyway. That means even Apple phones are not completely private. Dr, Morici says as long as advertisers will pay developers of free apps for our interests and habits, there will be no complete phone privacy. He asks an interesting question. "If somebody came along with another service and says, 'I'm not going to sell any of your information, it will be a closed system, there is going to be NO tracking. But you'll have to pay for it. Would people want to pay?"

Dr. Morici says developers and users should just stop pretending privacy exists here.


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