COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters Could Mean Billions For Drug Makers

The Biden administration's push for Covid vaccine boosters continues. It turns out, the boosters will not only provide extra protection, they will also provide massive profits for the big drug companies.

"They certainly are going to be a big boost to their financial side" said infectious disease specialist Dr. Richard Urso, "But more importantly, are they going benefit our population"?

Is it follow the science? Or follow the money?

According to reports, big pharma is expected to receive $26 billion dollars in profits next year.

"The financial windfall from these boosters is off the charts" Dr. Urso told KTRH, "And we just heard from a Pfizer employee that we can expect to have boosters every year as we go forward."

Can you say conflict of interest? And how can you already be calling for boosters when the vaccine itself hasn't even been out a full year? "No on is talking about using these vaccines appropriately, no one is talking about the long term safety" Dr. Urso said adding, "There's a group there that is really is going to profit from this, and we don't even have really long term safety data. I'm really concerned that we're just pushing ahead."

Vials of booster vaccine on conveyor in pharmaceutical factory

Photo: Getty Images

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