Why The Media Ignores Things That Really Matter

If you still watch the mainstream media, you have noticed a common theme. A great example of that was last week when all of the late night talk show hosts got together to promote 'climate change'. You know, global warming, because it still gets hot during the summer time. But let's ignore the winter freeze we had in Texas. That doesn't fit the false narrative.

The main theme, however, with the mainstream media is like an NBA term. It's the 'Big 3'. Covid, January 6, and racism. It's pretty much all they talk about, with a little weather and sports.

"In the long run they don't matter that much" said Christopher Bedford of The Federalist, "So why do we talk about these other things so much, and not the problems that are literally killing us? The answer is simple, it's to distract."

Distract, from the real issues that are going on like crime, the border, censorship of conservatives, reverse racism, and record inflation, just to name a few.

Sadly, the mainstream media is not only providing a distraction. It is also providing cover for Democrats, and the big corporate rulers who own the media outlets. That is why they are all on the same page.

"The media has collapsed as an objective source of information" said FOX News contributor Elizabeth Ames, "There is no objectivity anymore, they are the Democrat party's pravda."

There may be a great divide in our nation, but the Democrats and the mainstream media are clearly united.

lies of tv propaganda mainstream media disinformation, A fake news report. viewer is watching TV and doesn't believe in fake news. man closes his eyes not to watch the lies on TV.

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