Even Mexico’s President Knows It’s Time To Do Something About The Border

When Mexico starts calling out the U.S. for the border crisis, you know you have a problem.

That's what happened last week when Mexico President Andres Manuel Obrador said there's been enough talking, and it's time for the Biden administration to act.

In the meantime, thousands of migrants continue to pour into the U.S. every single day. Of the thousands that ended up at the Del Rio bridge, some were sent back to Haiti, but the majority were relocated across our country.

With all of the activity, or inactivity, it raises the question, what about Mexico and the job they're doing at the border?

"They're doing absolutely nothing over there to secure the southern border" said former ICE special agent Victor Avila, "They're aiding and abetting the invasion of illegal aliens into our country, and they are partly to blame at this point."

Basically, if Mexico did their part at the border, we probably wouldn't have any issues at our border. So what's the problem? Money.

Even though we have already given Mexico millions, the Biden administration promised 4 billion to fix the problem. Two billion for Central America, and the other two billion for Mexico. But that money has yet to come.

"I know first hand what the money does, and where it goes to" Avila told KTRH, "We've spent millions of dollars and it's gotten us no where."

Things of course were completely different when Donald Trump was in office. Now, we are seeing a clear lack of leadership.

Over the weekend, Trump blasted Biden calling the border crisis, "an invasion." Avila says it's time for Biden to step up, and pick up the phone, and demand that Mexico does it part. If not, raise the tariffs.

"I don't see the communication from our country" Avila said. And the way things have gone so far over the last 8 months? Don't expect anything to change, anytime soon.


Photo: Getty Images

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