What’s Really Behind The Haitian Refugee Crisis On The Texas Border

The border was a big issue during the 2020 election. In fact, it was one of the primary attacks on President Trump by the left, and the corrupt mainstream media.

Now, after cancelling all of the Trump border policies just for spite, the Biden administration is now back pedaling and actually reverting -back- to some of the Trump border policies.

This has all been escalated due to the over 12,000 Haitian immigrants that have been camped under the Del Rio bridge.

"This is a crisis entirely of their own making, and it's going to be the American people, and people in border states like Texas that are going to end up paying the price for it" said political writer Josh Kantrow, who wrote an essay about the latest border debacle for American Thinker.

Not only is this a self induced crisis by the Biden administration, there are many who believe it has been on purpose, to only get back at the top red state Texas, but also help the Democrats add new voters.

If that's not bad enough, the Democrats are now trying to play the race card, and they were got lying again. After telling the public that the Haitians were being sent back home, the AP broke the bombshell that the majority of Haitians are actually being released here in the U.S.!

The left is also trying to play the sympathy card with the Haitians, but it turns out that most of them have been living comfortably in South America, waiting for Joe Biden to take office.

"These are not political refugees, and they're not being persecuted" Kantrow told KTRH, "These are economic refugees, they want an upgrade from South America. They heard Biden's call that we are an open country with open borders, and they took him up on it."
Another question that needs to be asked, but hasn't? If America is this bad, evil, racist country that the Democrats continue to say it is, why does everybody else in the world want so desperately to be here?

"We know the answer" Kantrow said, "America is certainly not a racist country, in fact it's the greatest country ever in the history of this world, and the whole progressive, woke narrative is completely wrong."

Completely wrong, and completely not true. But definitely mainstream.


Photo: Getty Images

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