Trump Hits The Road – But Is He Running?

Former President Donald Trump is back on the road this weekend, to headline the 'Save America Rally' in Perry, Georgia.

"He's getting out and about" said political analyst Luke Macias, "Look, Joe Biden is looking weaker than he ever has, he's at an all-time low when it comes to his popularity and Trump sees that, so there's no better time than now to get out."

Trump will be on hand for the rally, and also to support Georgia candidates Herschel Walker, and Burt Jones.

Some have wondered, will Trump help or hurt the GOP when he's on the campaign trail?

"His ability to speak is good for the party, it's good for the brand" Macias told KTRH, "And it's good to keep the rest of the Republicans that don't want to address key issues, it's good to keep their feet to the fire. That's why it's good that he's out and about."

Right now, most of the polls have been focused on how far Biden has fallen, but on the Republican side, it's still Trump, followed by Ron DeSantis. "That's telling as to what the GOP voters are wanting" Macias said, "They're not wanting weak leaders, which is the vast majority of elected Republicans. If you even stick our own John Cornyn, or Mitch McConnell, or any of these people? Their polling is zero."

As for any Republicans that may want to run for the presidency in 2024? We've heard rumblings, but Macias says it's way too soon. "I don't think you'll see many of them make it official before Trump makes his decision."

In the meantime, former President will continue to speak out, and get his message across at packed rallies across the country. And you will never hear about them, or see any coverage from the mainstream media. Some things haven't changed.

Former President Donald Trump Holds A Rally In Alabama

Photo: Getty Images

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