Ribbon is New Real Estate Option

A startup company called Ribbon is trying to shake things up in the real estate world. They are currently in six states, and Texas is one of them.

They work with real estate agents and mortgage brokers to help level the playing field for home buyers competing with investors. Sean Piazza, spokesperson for Ribbon, suggests getting pre-approved with a licensed broker and taking advantage of the information Ribbon makes available, and work with a good agent. “We work directly with agents. We believe real estate agents are the best advocates that a buyer can have, especially in a market like this,” he tells KTRH News. “Ask your agent what you can do with a Ribbon offer. The market right now is incredibly competitive. There are so many forces at play. We are a partner to your agent and a partner to you to get that home you love.”

Essentially, Ribbon makes a cash offer on behalf of the buyer, allowing the buyer to make an all-cash offer, and once secured the buyer pays back Ribbon. Check with them for details. “We provide pre-approved buyers the most powerful cash offer available, and with that cash in hand, buyers and their agents are more competitive in the market, and sellers have the certainty of cash,” Piazza adds.

Ribbon’s intent is to level the playing field for home-buying families being edged out by Wall Street investors.

photo: Getty Images

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