Mainstream Media Keeping Mum On Durham Investigation

The mainstream media has quickly forgotten about an ongoing investigation spearheaded by special counsel John Durham.

Many Americans aren't likely to hear any more about a probe into a lawyer with ties to the Democratic party. Reports have indicated John Durham is looking carefully into allegations against attorney Michael Sussman. Specifically, whether Sussman made false statements to the FBI about a connection between Donald Trump and Russia. It could potentially be bad news for the DNC and Hillary Clinton. However, political insider Chris Begala says he's not holding his breath most Americans will hear any more about it.

“The media is not going to cover it, and I think we’ve got corruption across our government at the highest levels, and I believe the Durham investigation or non-investigation is yet another example of that,” Begala said.

He adds it’s unfortunate the media doesn't want to cover a story because it doesn't fit their narrative.

“I think there was a lot more to what went on during the Trump presidency as far as people’s civil liberty, and people getting spied on, and the insubordination that was occurring at the very top echelon of the FBI,” Begala explained.

According to Fox News, major outlets like CBS and NBC offered zero coverage of the story last week, while ABC gave it only 70 seconds on “World News Tonight”. It's possible John Durham could go to a grand jury soon with more on the allegations.

Michael Sussman in 2018 in Washington, DC

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