What A COMPETENT Republican Party Would Be Doing Right Now

It's a phrase that is becoming commonplace. The Democrats continue to win, even when they're losing. So what does that really mean, exactly?

"They turn their electoral victories, into policy victories" said Matt Rinaldi, who is the new chairman of the Republican party of Texas, "Unlike the Republicans who very too often try to turn their electoral victories into permanent electoral victories, which is impossible."

If you look around, the Biden administration and the Democrats are clearly losing. From rising inflation, record high gas prices, crime, the border, vaccine mandates, and of course a lack of unity. And yet the Democrats are also continuing to win, as they continue their massive spending spree, and radical green new deal agenda.

"I think Republicans need to fight" Rinaldi told KTRH, "Look, America elected a former Democrat as president (Trump) because he fights, and he became the most celebrated Republican since Ronald Reagan, merely because he fought."

The bell has been rung, and the fight is now underway. The fight for our country.

"I think right now people are generally unhappy with the direction the country is going" Rinaldi said, "They want Republicans to fight to save America, and that's really what they're looking for. We're in a fight for our nation, and our elected officials need to fight like it's a war."

Political face off in November

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