Why Is Biden So Angry About Unvaccinated People? Because They're Unafraid?

Aside from the obvious questions millions of Americans have about the rushed Covid vaccine, many are also wondering, why is Joe Biden so angry at the unvaccinated?

"I think he's angry because the threat, and the propaganda they put out about vaccinations has caused confusion among the people" said longtime political analyst Gary Polland, "And that has discouraged people from getting vaccinated."

Add to that the fact that these last 8 months could not have gone any worse for Joe Biden and the Democrats.

"Things aren't going their way" Polland told KTRH, "The border is a train wreck, the leaving of Afghanistan was a train wreck, and the Covid situation is going to be a train wreck. It's no surprise."

As a result, you have millions of Americans who are fed up. They are no longer afraid, and they are thinking for themselves.

The Democrats don't like that, and Polland says that is why they try and lead by fear. "The politics of fear game, and then they call people names."

So much for unity! Instead of bringing the country together, Biden and the Democrats have the nation divided more than ever.

"The whole idea of unity was to get rid of Donald Trump" Polland said, "The only unity among the left and the woke in America is power, and they're interested in getting more of it."


Photo: Getty Images

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