Democrats Face An Uphill Battle To Pass A New Voting Rights Bill

Democratic operatives are trying to drum up support for a new version of a voting rights bill.

Democrats are making a push via phone calls and press conferences to tout what is known as the “Freedom to Vote Act”. The Senate's bill is designed to counter Republican election reform measures. However, it appears unlikely to become law. Democrats need 10 Republican votes to overcome a filibuster, and they're facing fierce opposition.

Policy expert Logan Churchwell, at the Public Interest Legal Foundation, says this is the Democrats' second attempt at a voting bill, and even moderate Senators like Joe Manchin are getting pushback from his own supporters.

“West Virginia election officials, county clerks, calling Senator Manchin and saying ‘Don’t you dare pass this. You are going to ruin our lives and jobs by doing so’, could make this bill go the way of the dinosaur like its predecessor,” Churchwell said.

He says this new bill has done away with a national voter ID mandate, but he believes it's still full of bad policies.

“Just about every bad thing in it like automatic voter registration, same-day registration, easing up mail ballot rules so 2020 experiences become permanent. Those are all there,” Churchwell explained.

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