And From Hurricane Season To Winter – Will Texans Have Enough Power?

Fall is about to arrive in Texas, and while the cooler temperatures will be a welcome relief, they will also be an unwelcome reminder of February's winter storm.

The question remains, will Texas have enough power?

"You've got to hope that the grid is ready for the normal wear and tear of the winter" said David Holt, President of the Consumer Energy Alliance.

The hope is that the Texas energy grid will be ready. Governor Abbott and Texas lawmakers vowed that ERCOT was fixed, and to their credit we did not have any power outages or blackouts during the summer. There was however a major loss last week in the aftermath of hurricane Nicholas.

"We've got to meet our energy needs is the point" Holt told KTRH, "You have to hope that the grid is ready, willing, and able to meet all of the energy needs that we have."

That has not been the case in Europe, where the plan to 'go green' has turned into a disaster. The idea of moving away from gas and oil to renewables is great on paper, but when the wind stops blowing, or the sun is blocked, it's a major problem. Add to that the fact that the Biden administration has cut off our oil supply in the U.S., and you're left with the scenario that we have playing out right now. Europe is paying record high prices to Russia for natural gas, while here in the U.S. we are heading towards $100 a barrel, begging OPEC for more oil, even though we have more than enough of our own.

"You hate to see gasoline prices go up the way they are based on some policy considerations" Holt said, "You hate to see this administration begging OPEC to deliver more energy here for the United States when we have the most energy in the world at our fingertips."

Unfortunately, that is exactly what is happening under Biden, who is trying to help the Democrats pass their radical 'green new deal' before next year's midterms.

Yet another reminder that elections do have consequences, and this one just continues to get worse for all of us here in the U.S.

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