There’s A Reason DC Democrats Are Always Winning, Even When They Lose

Even Biden supporters admit the last 8 months have been a disaster. No one could have ever imagined things would be this bad, so quickly.

Inflation, crime, mandates, Afghanistan, even more division than there was under Trump, tanking poll numbers, the list goes on and on.

With all of that said however, many point out that it feels like the Democrats are continuing to win, even though they're losing.

"When Democrats have control, they are far bolder than Republicans are" said Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak, "That's a frustration that our side feels. They go all out, they're doing that now and trying to fundamentally change our country."

The Democrats are clearly trying to get as much done as they can before next years midterms. Republicans have been criticized for not doing enough when they've had the opportunity. "I understand the frustration" Mackowiak told KTRH, "Republicans need to get more done when we have power. Majorities are almost always fleeting, and so you've got to get as much done while you can, while you're there. The Democrats seem to know that, and Republicans don't."

But Mackowiak believes that may different now. With our nation taking a hard -left- turn towards a cliff, Republicans are getting ready for a red wave in 2022.

"Next year we have an opportunity to win 30, 40, maybe even 50 seats in the U.S. House if this turns into a wave election" Mackowiak said, "That's the kind of thing that can guarantee a Republican House majority for 2,4,6, even 8 years potentially, so you've got to get as much out of that as you can."

And that is the plan. Republicans are on the clock.


Photo: Getty Images

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