Capitol Police Bracing For A Big Rally – Here’s Comes The Fence

Just when you thought it was safe to have a peaceful protest in Washington...

Rioting? Looting? No problem. But if conservatives gather together? Lookout!

That will be the case on Saturday, when approximately 300 people are going to rally to show their support for the jailed January 6th protestors. That's right, they're still in jail.

"The fencing that was in front of the capitol for so many weeks, unfortunately is coming back again" said Zack Smith, Senior Fellow with the Heritage Foundation, "They're really going back into lockdown mode again before this upcoming rally."

A far cry from the treatment that BLM and ANTIFA members have received. They have had all of their charges dropped, despite doing damage that was much, much worse. Not even close.

"What's really galling" Smith told KTRH, "Is that many of the individuals who were involved in the BLM protests have not been prosecuted at all, and I think it's that disparity in treatment that is really upsetting to so many folks."

A D.C. double standard, hypocrisy, gaslighting, whatever you want to call it, it's not right. But the fence is back up, with the Capitol police on full alert.

"I disagree with the narrative" Smith said. But unfortunately, it still exists. By Democrat design.

Washington, DC Security Heightened Ahead Of September 18 Rally

Photo: Getty Images

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