Automotive Extravaganza at NRG Today and Tomorrow

It’s the Barrett-Jackson show and it’s here in Houston. These people set world records regularly. They are known as the World’s Greatest Collect Car Auctions, selling a 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 Super Snake for a cool $5.5 million earlier this year. It’s more than a car auction. Prepare to be blown away.

“It’s an automotive lifestyle event. We are unique in that every car sells at No Reserve,” CEO Craig Jackson tells KTRH News.

Check it out here.

The big draw is a pretty cool red Porsche. Tom Cruise drove it in the movie Risky Business. “It is the hero car that Tom Cruise drove. He also used it in the chase scene. And the Director told us that he taught him how to drive a manual stick shift in that car,” Jackson continues.

There is far, far more. And cool stuff outside.

“Four auto manufacturers out front doing Ride ‘N Drives. It’s a very interactive event,” says Jackson. Chevy, Ford, Toyota and Dodge.

Hours are from noon to 7 today and tomorrow. For ticket information go here.

Wanna be a bidder? Go here.

Why Houston? Because the company’s biggest VIP’s come from Houston. “We love the state of Texas. And the people. Everyone’s been super nice. We just love the state.”

photo: Getty Images

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