Dems See Trump Supporters & Unvaccinated More Dangerous Than Taliban, China

Proving the divide in our nation is greater than it has ever been before, a new survey shows that the majority of Democrats in this country see Trump supporters, and the unvaccinated, more dangerous than the Taliban, or even China.

"I don't find it terribly surprising given the rhetoric that we're seeing all across the country these days" said political writer Jazz Shaw who did a feature on the poll for Hot Air, "There's a fairly nasty red-blue divide still in place."

The poll shows that 57% of Democrats believe that Trump supporters are the biggest threat, followed by the unvaccinated, with China a distant 3rd, ahead of Russia.

For Republicans, the results are based on policy, not personal attacks. Those in the GOP see the Taliban as the biggest concern, followed by defund the police activists, and then China.

As for as Trump being tops for the left? It shouldn't be a surprise, considering that we no longer have a fair, objective, or credible mainstream media, which only reports one side. "They're addicted to Donald Trump" Shaw told KTRH, "They can't let it go, and without Trump a lot of people started to tune-out, and they're really desperate to tie anything to his brand."

Bottom line is, Trump is good for business. Plus, the mainstream media has lost touch with America. "I do think there remains a tremendous disconnect in much of the mainstream media" Shaw said, "They seem to think that people like their ideas much more broadly than people really do."

Yet another reason to make sure you get your news from KTRH!

Donald Trump Supporters

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