Why There’s No Quick Fix To The Labor Shortage

Despite the new Covid concerns, skyrocketing inflation, and a major labor shortage, the Biden administration is still pushing their $3.5 trillion dollar 'infrastructure' bill.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said this week it's "full steam ahead", while vowing to "get something big done."

One thing that both Biden and Schumer have failed to mention is that this current economic crisis is really of the Democrats making.

"They flat out created this situation" said Charles Blain of Urban Reform, "What they're trying to do now is buy their way out of that through this expansion of social welfare, but this is truly a problem that they have created."

They created it with all of the handouts, something that they hope to continue until next years midterms. The end result will be a tough year with higher prices, lower wages, and fewer jobs.

"There is no quick fix" Blain told KTRH, "We're going to see much more pain before we see relief. This a major expansion of government that's going to touch every aspect of ones life."

Right now, all eyes are on West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin who said last week that the Dems need a "strategic pause" before he will support it. We'll have to see if he keeps his word, which is definitely not a Democrat thing to do.

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