Retirement Ain’t What it Used to Be

It’s the perfect storm. There are millions of jobs open and available in the U.S., and there are a wealth of Baby Boomers, retired, who are looking to rejoin the work force. It’s a match made in HR.

No numbers yet on how many retirees are returning to work, but corporate business consultant Garrison Wynn says those old geezers are finding a labor market that is more than happy to see them.

“A lot of retirees are coming back in to do white collar business jobs. It’s obviously not labor jobs, but they are coming back into the insurance business, and the manufacturing business,” says Wynn.

Wynn says corporations love the experience and work ethic, something they find lacking in many of the younger applicants.

“It is very much a perfect storm, and companies are glad to have them. That kind of experience is well needed. Interesting fact: there are a lot of people who are 45 years old, the next generation of top leaders, who don’t want to be leaders.”

The tricky thing is social security benefits. The cap in 2021 is $18, 960. Anything over that could change how much is social security you get, and the premium you pay for Medicare.

photo: Getty Images

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