The Dems Are Using Texas’ New Abortion Law To Pack The Supreme Court

Packing the Supreme Court would be "boneheaded." That was the quote from Joe Biden. Will the President keep his word? We shall see.

The Democrats are once again calling on Biden to expand the Supreme Court. Why? Because they fear that the new anti-abortion law here in Texas, and the fact that the Supreme Court wouldn't pause it, is a foreshadowing of the high court eventually overturning Roe vs. Wade this fall.

"This is a great test case for America to look at the abortion issue again" said political analyst Debbie Georgatos, who is also the host of 'America Can We Talk', "Roe vs. Wade was a policy decision, it was not premised in the constitution."

That has been the problem, going back to the 70's. The Supreme Court went away from doing their job of following the constitution, to instead using their power and authority to impose liberal laws that could not be passed by state legislatures or by Congress.

It is the progressive wing of the Democrat party which is making the most noise, led by A.O.C. who says Democrats can either abolish the filibuster, or do nothing.

"I think her point is intellectually and emotionally immature" Georgatos told KTRH, "Very dangerous, and unwise in many respects."

Earlier this year, Biden appointed a commission to examine the Supreme Court. Georgatos believes they will recommend expanding it, which is extremely dangerous. The hope is, big issues like abortion, and election integrity will serve as a wake-up call, and that the Supreme Court would return to following the constitution, not the radical left agenda.

Character is when you give your word, and you keep it.

United States Supreme Court Building, Washington DC, America

Photo: Getty Images

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