The Mainstream Media Gives Biden A Free Pass On Afghanistan

Could you imagine?...

If Donald Trump wrecked the economy, allowed crime, inflation, and gas prices to hit record highs? Let hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens (including terrorists) enter our country? Issued more mandates? And worst of all, allowed 13 members of our military to be killed, while leaving hundreds of Americans stranded in Afghanistan? In one of the worst blunders in our history?

Well, Donald Trump is not in office, and Joe Biden gets a free pass, and even some help from the mainstream media. "It's amazing how they are all in lock-step" said FOX News contributor Elizabeth Ames, "I mean there is nothing mentioned about Afghanistan."

Instead, Joe Biden will now turn the focus to more Covid mandates, and then the left and mainstream media will find a way to get back to January 6th.

"Can you imagine if Donald Trump was still in office?" Ames told KTRH.

You can put it on the list, along with freedom and liberty. This is the new America.

Photo: Nakanishi, Chad

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