The FDA’s Cozy Relationship With Big Pharma – And How It Costs You

As the Covid control continues, with calls now for a booster shot? Some are questioning the relationship between the FDA and Big Pharma. It's a fair question.

"Every single aspect of it is working that it benefits industry, and government, and not the patient" said David Balat, health care analyst for the Texas Public Policy Foundation, "I'm talking about big pharma, government, insurance companies, and hospitals too. They benefit from the high price of drugs."

In this year 2021 alone, Pfizer is set to make over $33 billion dollars! This while some of major executives of the big drug companies have opted to quit, rather than force Americans to take another shot. "They've been put in a position where they have been doing very, very well" Balat told KTRH, "And it's at the expense of the American patient."

The calls continue for a complete overhaul of our health care system.

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