Cheating to Get Your Kids into the Right School

You would never condone your child cheating on an Algebra II test --- but some parents are themselves cheating home sellers in order to get their school children into the RIGHT public school!

This is how it works: Parents have no ambition of moving into a "better neighborhood" in order to get their child(ren) into a "better" pubic school. So --- they "play like" they are buying a home in the "better" neighborhood, they obtain the sales paperwork and submit that to the "better" ISD. The ISD feels, in good faith, that the parents are really going to move in to the "better" neighborhood and admit their child(ren) into their district. Once student(s) are admitted into the preferred ISD, parents renege on the home purchase, leaving the home seller without a buyer and time lost in the sales process.

Who says cheaters never prosper?


Some ISDs are "better" than othersPhoto: Getty Images

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