So Now Texas Has A Voter Integrity Law – Will It Be Enough To Stop Fraud

After 3 long months that included a Texas Democrat vacation in Washington, election integrity is now finally a reality in the state of Texas. The big question now is, will it really matter?

Under the cover of Covid, the Democrats were able to implement voting changes across the country, and it worked. Now, they don't want to let those changes go. At any cost.

"The fight over elections is a fight that will always be with us" said longtime Republican strategist Bill Miller, "We have too many elections, so we're going to have a fight somewhere, sometime, all the time. It's never going away."

Including Texas, where even though election integrity is now law, Democrats are already making threats. Their next move? Federalizing our elections, which would take all of the authority from individual states regardless of the constitution, and give complete control to Democrats in Washington.

"Everybody is playing the game they want to play" Miller told KTRH, "Republicans are trying to do their part in Texas, and Democrats in Washington are trying to do their part. Right now Republicans are winning the game."

The question now is, for how long? As Republicans have made clear from the beginning, there are no 'voting restrictions', just restrictions on cheating with mail-in ballots.

"If they want to cheat they'll find a way" Miller warned, which is why Republican lawmakers have to continue to fight, despite baseless claims from the left and Democrats.

"The more honest an election is, the better off we are all served" Miller said, "You want every ballot to count, cast by a legitimate voter, and then the winner moves on. That's the system in place, and that's a good thing."

And good for now, in Texas.

Voting ballot: Absentee voting by mail with ballot envelope

Photo: iStock Unreleased

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