RECAP: The Second Special Session Is Finished

The historic second special session, of the 87th Texas legislative session officially came to end.

It was truly historic, with the passing of the election integrity bill, bail reform, the ban on critical race theory, and funding for border security.

The highlight however, was the lowlight, when the run-away Texas Democrats fled to Washington to break quorum. An embarrassing move that will haunt the Democrat party for years to come.

"On scale of 1-10 it was an 11 for frustration, but it was also an 11 for accomplishment" said Texas state representative Steve Toth, "No matter how much the Democrats tried to stop the conservative agenda, we got it done."

Especially the big one that Democrats did not want to get done, and that was election integrity. "Texas took the boldest steps in the United States for making it easier to vote for those who are eligible to vote, while at the same time making it really, really difficult to cheat" Toth told KTRH, "At the end of the day that's what it's all about. We want to make sure that our elections are fair, and not corrupted."

State representative Toth also led the charge for the ban on Critical Race Theory, and he hopes to tackle the Transgender sports bill when Governor Abbott calls a 3rd special session in the fall, for redistricting.

Another big item on the agenda was bail reform, especially here in Harris County where local leaders have allowed crime to reach record highs. So far this year in Houston, over 130 murders have been committed by violent criminals who were let out of jail multiple times on PR bonds. Andy Kahan of Crimestoppers told KTRH, "It's been a long journey to finally get the bail reform passed. Crimestoppers has been talking about this for almost 2 years, and it will ultimately lead to less of the revolving door at the courthouse."

No word yet from Governor Greg Abbott on when the 3rd special session will begin.

Protestors Rally Against Restrictive New Texas Abortion Law In Austin

Photo: Getty Images North America

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