Paying to Drive in Houston Takes a Toll

The average Houstonian spends 16.4% of their income on transportation expenses.

The makes us 8th in the nation, according to one estimate.

Dr. Timothy Lomax is a Research Engineer at Texas A&M’s Transportation Institute and goes deep into the weeds of the dollar and sense of driving in Texas.

“The average Houstonian spent in 2020 almost $1,100, which was the fifth most costly city for the average commuter,” he points out. “Houston is the most expensive city in Texas to drive. Our costs, the travel delay, the extra time you spend and the fuel you consumer is $1,100.”

Lomax calls that the Houston Congestion Tax.

We pay good money to sit in bumper to bumper traffic daily.

According to one estimate, this is where the money goes:

Annual total: 16.4%

Total transportation spending: $12,352

Vehicle purchases: $4,413

Gas, fuel and oil: $2,390

Public transportation: $1,320

Other expenses: $4,228

Miami is the most expensive city.

photo: Getty Images

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