Houston’s Enduring Fascination with Sprucing Up the Place

Spruces, palms and pines possibly. In 2020 we heard over and over about how so many people were tackling those long avoided projects around the house, helping the bottom line of home improvement stores and whiling away the hours of lockdown, fixing up the landscaping.

We’re not done yet.

Health loans contractors and home improvement specialists funds and makes it easier for their clients to spruce things up, and we find that in 2021 folks are spending even more.

“What we’re seeing is that Houstonians are spending a lot of time at home. Pools are in the top 5, landscaping is in the top 5: things that bring comfort to your home, like interior remodeling,” says Hearth’s Dago Garcia.

Here are the numbers for Houston:

March 2020 to present (Duration of pandemic in US)

Interior remodeling - $20,681 avg.

General contractor - $18,079 avg.

Builder/construction - $17,684 avg.

Landscaping - $16,406 avg.

Pools - $16,106 avg.


Interior remodeling - $21,198 avg.

General contractor - $19,097 avg.

Landscaping - $18,511 avg.

Builders construction - $15,916 avg.

Windows, doors, and siding - $14,741 avg.

For more information on Hearth, check here.

photo: Getty Images

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