Americans On Edge: Have We Forgotten How To Relax?

Remember when we couldn't wait for 2020 to be over? The worst year ever!

Now we're in September of 2021. The Biden administration gets worse by the day, and between the political civil war and Covid, Americans are angry and burned out.

A new study says as much. In fact, many Americans haven't had a day just to relax in several months.

"We're struggling" said professional counselor Lori Vann, "Mentally, physically, and on all different levels."

You can see it and sense it for yourself. Everywhere you go, people are just on edge. "What's under anger is usually hurt of some type" Vann told KTRH, "Sadness, depression, or some kind of fear or anxiety, but the good news is it's all treatable."

That starts with going back to the basics. Eating well, getting proper rest and sleep, exercise, and turn off the tv! But don't turn off your radio.

Photo: Getty Images

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