The Taliban Now Has Our Weapons – You Won’t Believe What We Left Behind

The Afghanistan aftermath continues. Not only did Joe Biden break his promise and leave American citizens stranded in Kabul. He also gifted the Taliban a full arsenal of weapons.

This would be unbelievable to make up, but unfortunately it is true. Former President Donald Trump who was on KTRH with Clay Travis and Buck Sexton called it the biggest embarrassment in the history of our country.

Americans are outraged, and rightfully so. That includes retired Navy SEAL Jason Redman, now and author and speaker, "I have friends that were killed in Afghanistan" he said, "There's a lot of veterans that are struggling with that. It infuriates me that now we have put that same terrorist organization in power."

The Taliban is back in power, and now with real fire-power, thanks to Joe Biden. The list of weapons that our military left behind is beyond belief. Stunning.

"From helicopters to thousands of machine guns and rifles" Redman told KTRH, "Everywhere I turn I'm seeing the Taliban outfitted in U.S. body armor and night vision goggles. Troubling, and I just don't understand how that happened."

Unfortunately, with this administration, we are not going to get the answers. But we do have a list all of the weapons, and they include, over 22,000 Humvees, 42,000 trucks and SUV's, 64,000 machine guns, 126,000 pistols, and over 358,000 assault rifles.

"Having been in the military for over 21 years, I cannot fathom" Redman said, "It only emboldens them on all fronts. We have given the Taliban tremendous credibility, and tremendous momentum."

And the Biden administration is now proudly taking credit for it.


Photo: AFP

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