The Nightmare on Christmas Eve

This is the not the year you want to be that procrastinator waiting for Christmas Eve to get your gift shopping done.

You might want to aim for before Thanksgiving.

One of China’s main ports was closed for weeks and Vietnam has been struggling with a worker shortage as covid makes another pass around the globe, plus ports all over the world are backed up, plus there is a shortage of truck drivers everywhere, and all of that could impact your holiday shopping.

It’s the supply chain issues mostly, but manufacturing as well, and shipping, and distribution. There is nowhere in the making and selling of goods this year that has been left untouched by the ravages of the virus, something we thought we’d never face again after last year’s severe limitations.

Check that: Gerry Huddleston, who handles grocery and food for the Texas Retailers Association, says we look pretty secure as far as food goes. We’ll eat well.

But the tree may look a bit naked with fewer wrapped presents lying beneath. Barbara Stewart, Chair at University of Houston’s Human Development and Consumer Services Department, suggests an early start. “If I were looking to give some advice to shoppers from a consumers advantage point, I would certainly say start early this year.”

And because Christmas is coming, we are compelled to find something positive and cheerful.

“We are seeing some creative procedures, some sharing of modes of transportation, of channels of delivery, and that’s innovative and offers opportunities to get goods on time,” says Dr. Stewart.

So yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and there WILL be a very Merry Christmas.

photo: Getty Images

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