Oil and Gas Experts Worry America Could Lose Energy Independence

Critics of President Biden say his policies are putting the U.S. at risk of losing our energy independence.

Energy experts say there's a reason Americans are seeing rising gas prices. President Biden’s nixing the Keystone XL Pipeline project, suspending new drilling leases on federal lands, and imposing more climate-related restrictions are moves critics say undermine our nation's ability to provide for ourselves. Matt Coday, president of the Oil and Gas Workers Association, says the Senate budget reconciliation bill is full of actions he believes directly attacks his industry.

“Not only are overzealous policies hurting U.S. producers, service companies, small businesses, but refineries are importing cheaper foreign oil, and then that’s what winds up in Americans’ hands,” Coday said.

He adds that if America doesn't step up, heavily polluting countries like China, Russia, and Iran will meet the global demand for oil and natural gas.

“America’s exports have dwindled,” Coday explained. “Last year, the IEA forecasted that we would import, I believe, about 62 percent more oil by 2022.”

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