The Dems Are On A Never Ending Spending Spree – With Your Money

September is here, and the countdown is on to the 27th.

That is when the House will vote on the massive $3.5 trillion dollar budget resolution. All part of Joe Biden's "Build Back Better" plan, which experts believe will be a disaster for the U.S.

"This is just a toxic combination of bad economic policy" said Brandon Arnold, Executive Vice President of the National Taxpayers Union, "It's going to make inflation worse, it's going to kill jobs, it's going to slow this economic recovery, and it's going to heap red ink and debt on generations to come. That's really unfair."

Unfair, but soon to be reality, as Republicans can't stop a the Democrats from using reconciliation to ram the massive bill through. Lots of green for what is basically the Dems 'green new deal'.

"It's the creation of the civilian climate corps to combat climate change" Arnold told KTRH, "It's a wish list package of all sorts of Democrat priorities. Spend more, borrow more, tax more. It's all going to make inflation a bigger problem than it already is."

The Biden administration continues to boast about how the trillions of dollars will transform America. Unfortunately, the data shows that U.S. expansion is slowing down, while inflation continues to soar.

"Biden and a lot of Democrats see this their one big opportunity to get all of their priorities" Arnold noted, "If it's the last boat leaving the harbor, you can guarantee that they are going to try and load it up with everything they possibly can. Now from a taxpayer perspective, what's going to happen is, it's going to sink, and that is my hope going forward."

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