So Who’s Economy Do You Like Better Now – Trump’s or Biden’s?

What we all thought was the case has now been confirmed.

According to a new poll, 56% of Americans said they felt better off under the Donald Trump economy. That number is a new record.

"That's perfectly understandable" said Hans von Spakovsky, senior legal fellow for the Heritage Foundation, "Trump was doing everything could, we had record unemployment, record low inflation. The exact opposite of all that is what we have now and it's all due to the policies Biden has put in place."

The long term outlook is not good. Brooke Rollins, President and CEO of the America First Policy Institute who served under President Trump says "These policies threaten American prosperity, and our standing in the world." Both believe that America deserves better.

"It's going to get worse" von Spakovsky told KTRH, "Our enemies around the world are going to see what is happening in this country, and see what's happening in Afghanistan. This is one of the biggest foreign policy disasters in a long, long time."

The best part of the story though may be this. After Donald Trump noted the poll results at a recent rally, left leaning 'Newsweek' pounced on the opportunity to prove him wrong. But when they did their own fact check, low and behold, the numbers were true. And Newsweek begrudgingly had to admit it.

"Awfully hard for them to admit that" von Spakovsky chuckled, "And again, this is directly due to Joe Biden." The same Joe Biden who von Spakovsky watched flounder as a Senator for decades.

"I was watching an old episode of the Johnny Carson show" von Spakovsky said, "He was making fun of Biden back in the late 80's. Joe Biden never got anything accomplished in the United States Senate, why would anyone have thought the he could get anything accomplished in the White House?"


Photo: AFP

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