1 Person + 2 Jobs = More $$$$

Continued remote working spawns some workers to take on 2 jobs at the same time and bring home 2 salaries and 2 benefits. How in the world does that work? Joel Patterson of The Vested Group explains. "What we're talking about is people manipulating the system to get full time pay for 2 jobs while actually doing as little work as possible." Patterson says with so many industries struggling to get qualified workers, there must be company managers thinking mediocre is better than nothing. "It's as if they are saying, 'Better for me to get 6 hours or 4 hours from them instead of getting Zero.' "

These crafty workers seem to be doing the impossible. They are working 2 full-time jobs...and collecting 2 paychecks and 2 sets of benefits. Patterson describes what it takes. "You don't do any work that gets any attention. You really just try to slide on by. Do as little as possible and you're a great fit for having 2 jobs with the same effort as working only 1."

Patterson says some companies even know it's being done to them and at the moment are glad to get what they can. "The flip side of that is this current constraint (no face-to-face, no mask, no commute, no meetings at the office) will end --- and when that happens you WILL NOT HAVE A JOB." Or, in this case, two jobs.

The practice is gaining steam and there's a website full of strategies for things like attending simultaneous zoom meetings. Click here to visit that site.


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Working 2 remote jobs in the same time as working 1.

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