America’s Place In The World – How Our Enemies Are Now Emboldened

Not only is the Afghanistan debacle bad for Biden here in the U.S.? America is now the laughingstock across the globe.

We are embarrassed, while our enemies are now emboldened.

"It is making us look weak, and undisciplined before the eyes of the world" said Dr. Alex del Carmen, professor at Tarleton State University.

After 4 years of strong foreign policy, the Biden administration has made us followers, not the leaders, and as if Afghanistan wasn't bad enough, comes the news that beginning early next year, Iran, Russia, and China are all getting together for war drills.

"It is a concern when all of our enemies get together" Dr. del Carmen told KTRH, "There has always been a working relationship between Iran, Russia, and China, but now, they're going to be able to triangulate, and use their unique powers and capabilities to attack the United States."

Add that to our wide open Biden border policy, and we are basically inviting terrorists to make their way here to the U.S. "What we have done in Afghanistan is opening the door for terrorist attacks against the United States in the future" Dr. del Carmen warned, "And I'm not sure that we're going to have to wait a long time."

Yet another reminder that elections have consequences. Our border is out of control, terrorists are back, crime is at an all-time high, don't forget inflation, and now Iran, Russia, and China are buddies.

But hey, at least Trump is off twitter.

terrorist Suspect Osama bin Laden

Photo: Getty Images North America

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