Taliban Takeover: Growing Fears Of Terrorists At The Southern Border

In July, there were over 212,000 illegal crossings at our southern border. Coming soon, there will be 10,000 Afghan refugees relocated to Fort Bliss. What about the terrorists?

Former ICE agent Victor Avila says some terrorists are already here, and more on their way. "If you don't think that the Taliban, and other terrorist organizations will come to Mexico, especially now? You're mistaken. They know that once they make it to Mexico, they're as good as in, in the U.S."

So while having the 10,000 Afghan refugees go to Fort Bliss is a good idea on paper to try and vet them as much as possible, Avila wonders why isn't the same approach used with the 143 other countries that are currently flooding our border? "I'm convinced this is 100% deliberate, this is on purpose" Avila told KTRH, "There is no other explanation other than this is how the Biden administration wants it. They could put an end to it in a moments notice."

Unfortunately, after all that Donald Trump did to finally get the border under control, it's just the opposite now under Joe Biden. "Because of the open border policy under the Biden administration" Avila said, "Just like we know how porous the southern border is to get in, so does the Taliban, Isis, and Al Qaeda."

Avila, who authored the new book 'Agent Under Fire' about his time working with ICE, said he never could have imagined the border would be this bad. "You talk about a national security alert?" he said, "This is at an all-time high."

Taliban carrying a gun

Photo: Moment RF

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