Some Careers More Likely to Lead to Divorce

Career website Zippia took the census numbers and ran filters for who was divorced and what they do for a living, discovering that there are some professions that lend themselves to unstable marriages.

Sharon Ramage is a McKinney, Texas divorce lawyer, and confirms that a sergeant major or a colonel could be hard to stand by. “Correctional officers, military officers, military personnel. People in positions of authority have those personalities to begin with,” she tells KTRH News. They hold the number one category of career choices leading to marriage.

The role personality plays in career choice apparently plays a role. Number two on the list is people who do things with exacting precision: engineers, accountants, bean counters. People who always line up the columns perfectly and have trouble with unexpected irregularities. That doesn’t seem to translate well into the sharing required by marriage.

Number three is a bit of a surprise. Auto mechanics. And this isn’t a personality trait that sinks relationships so much as the low pay, long hours and propensity for injury.

photo: Getty Images

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