Super Spreader: Border Surge Leads to COVID Surge

It's no coincidence that the surge in coronavirus cases in Texas is happening at the same time as the surge in illegal immigrants crossing the southern border. In fact, the border appears be a COVID super spreader for Texas. "Border communities like McAllen, Del Rio, Eagle Pass, Laredo are all seeing massive numbers of migrants dumped into their communities by the Biden administration, many of whom are testing positive," says Bob Price, reporter for Breitbart Texas. "As high as 20 percent of family migrants that are coming across, and maybe even 25 percent of unaccompanied minors coming across are testing positive for COVID."

The situation has resulted in a public health crisis for those border communities, with reports of symptomatic COVID-positive migrants seen in fast food restaurants and hotel lobbies. Laredo's mayor says they've started busing migrants to other cities in Texas, while McAllen is taking its own drastic measures. "The city of McAllen has set up a tent facility in a public park to store these people while they're in quarantine for COVID-19," says Price.

The surge in COVID-positive migrants has already proven deadly for Texas law enforcement, with a Refugio County officer dying after contracting the virus from a migrant he was processing.

An equally dangerous issue is the thousands of migrants who are not even tested for coronavirus, but are allowed to enter the country anyway. "This is a disaster spread like Johnny Appleseed across the country, as the Biden administration takes these people who have not been tested for COVID, and transports them via flights all across the country," says Price. "This is a deliberate act by the administration...they are doing everything they can to allow this lawlessness and disease to continue along the border."

Photo: Getty Images North America

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