Democrats Pushing For School Mask Mandates Just Ran Into A Huge Problem

Not only has the left championed my body, my choice (except with the vaccine), they have also been big on following the science. Except when it doesn't fit their agenda.

Case in point, the current mask mandates in our local public schools. Defying the order of the Governor aside, the science shows that masks do not stop the spread of the virus. Period.

"I always going back to the science" said infectious disease specialist Dr. Richard Urso, "Masks have never stopped the spread of upper respiratory viral disease in the last 4 decades! And I'm sorry to tell people that because I'd love to be able to say that they work."

So why then are kids being forced to wear masks in school if the science shows they don't do anything? "It's helping the fear, and the fear itself is probably the biggest thing we're facing" Dr. Urso told KTRH, "Masks divide because there's a group that wants to believe the science which is what it is, and there's a group that just wants to be comforted."

Adults may find comfort in masks, but according to the W.H.O. (the World Health Organization) masks are detrimental for kids and their long term development.

"They do have an effect on children's mental health" Dr. Urso said, "There's an increased risk of suicide, these lockdowns and masks affect that. We know that it effects their ability to read emotions, and their IQ's are less."

Thankfully, there are some on the left that are starting to wake-up, and think for themselves.

Parents Protest Mask Mandates At Florida School Board Meeting

Photo: Getty Images North America

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