People are Avoiding Emergency Rooms Like the Plague

It's a local and nationwide phenomena. Medical Expert Dr. Fahmi Farah explains why it's happening: "The number one reason is that they are in fear of getting the virus themselves. Number two is that they are afraid of overwhelming the hospital system because they know how full the hospitals already are!" She says the possibility of contracting Covid there is low because hospitals keep Covid patients' rooms far from the E.R.

Dr. Farah says also says by not going in, they could be risking their lives - especially if they are experiencing symptoms of stroke or heart attack. "Even if they survive their heart attack, even if they survive their stroke - the long-term complications and disabilities can be something they will have to live with forever." Dr. Farah says appendix and gallbladder problems can also be lethal.

She is afraid we could actually lose Americans because they simply won't seek help.


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People avoiding Emergency Departments (Rooms)Photo: Getty Images North America

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