Firearm Sales Hit Another Record High in 2021

Gun sales remain red hot across the country.

FBI background checks are skyrocketing. One number among the latest data stands out: 25.1 million. That's how many firearms were sold in the first seven months of 2021. That's up 13% compared to the same period in 2020. Gun expert Tom Gresham says everyone is buying in red states and blue states. He also says a wide range of younger to older Americans are interested. Millions of them are first time buyers, looking to get a gun either for home defense or in case the government imposes restrictions.

“What we in the industry are trying to do is to get some training for them to teach them to own a gun safely, responsibly store them, and use them,” Gresham said. “So, anybody who bought a gun, I would suggest you get to a shooting range, get to a gun store, and find out where you can take some lessons.”

There’s one downside to the nationwide interest in buying firearms: Guns and ammo are still in short supply, and prices are higher.

“People are taking responsibility for their own safety. I like to say that they’re no longer outsourcing their safety,” Gresham explained. “They understand that when it really goes bad, it’s only going to be them and the bad guy, and the police are a few minutes away when seconds are what really count.”

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