Are We Witnessing The End Of The Biden Presidency?

It wasn't supposed to be like this.

Joe Biden was going to lead the Democrats to a new level of power and control. But seven months into his first year, it is truly hard to quantify just how much damage has been done by the Biden administration, to our nation, and to his own party.

"I think they certainly know that things are not going as they had hoped" said Matt Margolis of PJ Media, talking about what is now the Dems dilemma, "Unfortunately for them, this situation doesn't have a great solution."

From the skyrocketing inflation and gas prices, record level crime, the on-going crisis at the border, Covid confusion and unnecessary mandates, and now Afghanistan, there is no Hidin' Biden anymore.

"The damage done to the Democrat brand in just a few short months has been very strong" Margolis told KTRH, "They expected so much of Biden and it just hasn't worked out. He was supposed to be the epitome of experience and confidence, and look what's happened."

The big question now is, what happens next? With Biden receiving criticism now from both Republicans and Democrats, some are wondering how much longer can he last?

Some Democrats would like Biden to step down, and let V.P. Kamala Harris take over. The only problem with that is, if Harris replaces Biden, the Dems won't have a replacement in the Senate, and will thus lose their tie-breaker.

The other big issue the Democrats face, "The real problem that they have" Margolis says, "Is putting Kamala at the top wouldn't help either because she is historically unpopular."

So what do the Dems do? Margolis says the only real option is to stick with Biden and try to get as much done as possible before next years midterms. And then after the midterms, "Biden will announce that he is not going to run for reelection, and for Kamala to have to run in a primary against other Democrats who might be more popular, and more suited to keep the White House."

President Biden Delivers Remarks On Administration's Covid-19 Response

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