The Potential for Government Fraud is Mind-Boggling

Congress is going to take up the $3.5 trillion Democratic plan in reconciliation soon on top of the $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan recently passed, and there are very few mechanisms in place to stop crooks from pilfering the pile of money.

It’s already been having with the federal largess of Covid relief funds. A UT study found 15% of money allocated for PPP loans, personal protections loans to help businesses stay afloat during the lockdowns, was stolen through fraud. “Some of the fraud rivals the largest frauds every in the history of the country,” says Adam Andrzejewski, CEO of Open the Books, an organization that roots out government mismanagement and pork in spending. He says Congress threw $860 billion into unemployment benefits. “And now we know up to $400 billion has been stolen by criminals, con artists, and crime syndicates across the country.”

It’ll only get worse. Andrzejewski says the Chinese are loving it when American taxpayers open their wallets. “Some of that has flowed to the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party owns 125 domestic based companies, many of those in the defense industry, and on round one those companies received up to $400 million.”

Congress is on their August break, which ends soon, and then they’ll go back to doling out the dough.

photo: Getty Images

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