New Home Construction Still Booming in Houston

There are reports cropping up a slowdown in new home construction in the U.S., but Mike Dishberger, owner of Sandcastle Homes in Houston, says we are not seeing that here. “Based on the latest permit reports, permits are up for the year, and Houston just came out with the second number of starts in the country after Dallas Ft. Worth.”

The supply chain problems that had sent umber prices skyrocketing are largely resolved, but there are still problems along the way. “There are still shortages of everything. I can’t insulate homes right now. There are window shortages,” Dishberger adds.It can be the smallest thing that throws the whole process out of whack. “The shut down a big window factor here in Houston for two days because they didn’t have the little plastic moldings. They had everything else, they had the glass, but they didn’t have that so they couldn’t build any more windows.”

He expects the blistering price increases to cool off a bit going forward as we move into the school year and families stay put, but as Census figures recently released indicate, people are still flocking to Texas, and Houston is still expanding in leaps and bounds.

photo: Getty Images

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