The Vaccine Shame Game – So Much For Pro-Choice!

It's my body, my choice. Except when it comes to the vaccine.

Yes, the Covid rates are up, but the deaths have actually gone down. Also on the rise across the U.S.? Vaccine shaming.

"It's so disheartening to see the narratives that are being played out" said Jackie Schlegel, Executive Director of the group Texans For Vaccine Choice, "The truth is, there's a lot about Covid, and a lot about the vaccine that we still do not know."

That is the truth, and the science, but unfortunately that no longer matters to the left. The numbers of vaccinated people who are getting Covid again are hidden, while the left continues the spin that this is all about the "unvaccinated."

"We've been the punch-line of late night television for years, and years" Schlegel told KTRH, "They mock, humiliate, and assassinate your character, so this is nothing new for us."

What is new? More and more people are being forced to take the shot, against their will, and coming up on Saturday in Austin, Texans For Vaccine Choice plans to hold a rally to speak out and support those have lost their civil liberties. "This issue affects every home not only in Texas, but in America" Schlegel said, "This issue is coming to you, and finally we said we have got to rally. We have to bring these people together."

They will do so on Saturday at 11:30am in Austin.

Photo: Getty Images

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