Big Tech Taliban: Terrorism Is OK, But Trump Is Still Banned

So, if you are a terrorist group like the Taliban, the same group that attacked our nation on 9/11, it's ok to Tweet. But if you're the President of the United States? Or a conservative? You are banned? Got it.

"How the leaders of Twitter can justify this is simply appalling" said Bryan Preston of PJ Media.

Appalling, but sadly very much true. When the Taliban supported the horrific acts on 9/11 nearly 20 years ago, Twitter was not around. But now, with nearly 900k followers, the Taliban is now using it in their takeover in Afghanistan. "The Taliban, let's be clear about this are a terrorist army" Preston told KTRH, "They enabled 9/11, and they're oppressing women and children in Afghanistan right now! This is staggering, unthinkable hypocrisy that Twitter is engaged in right now."

Just like when President Trump was banned, along with the Hunter Biden cover-up and censorship before the election, the outrage on Twitter has been massive, but no avail. Twitter's official response? "As long as the Taliban doesn't get too violent, Twitter will let them stay on" Preston said adding, "The Taliban has reportedly already started hanging people in the streets in Kabul! At what point will Twitter consider this enough violence to kick them off?"

If you protest at the Capitol, you are banned for life. Murder women and children? Tweet away! "What the Taliban has engaged in Afghanistan is nothing short of a successful insurrection" Preston said, "And yet Twitter allows them to continue. This hypocrisy is appalling, and I hope all Americans now see Twitter for what it is."

Photo: Twitter

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