Is The Silent Majority About To Get Loud?

Conservatives are the silent majority. But it sure doesn't seem that way.

Whether it's the mainstream media, big tech censorship, or just blatant breaking of the law, the left is loving the power they have right now, even if they are supposed to be in the minority.

"When you do that, you create a pressure cooker" said political writer John Green, "Peaceful protests, freedom of speech, the right to vote, those were all the relief valves. If you take away those things, what do you have left?"

According to Green, you have a silent majority that is about to get loud. "That silent majority is waking up, and they're starting to get louder" Green told KTRH, "If the left continues to try to silence their voice, they're not going to like the way that turns out."

Things have not turned out well for the Biden administration so far in these first 7 months. Even Democrat pollsters are predicting heavy losses in next years midterms. "I think the debacle in Afghanistan is just opening a lot of people's eyes to it" Green said, and as a result, conservatives who are in the so-called silent majority are starting to make noise. "The number of people that still value their freedom in this country is a majority" added Green , "So I think the minority that's doing this is making a very grave miscalculation."

And what happens if things don't turn around for conservatives who are fight back against lawlessness and tyranny? Green says "The left is not going to like the way that turns out."


Photo: AFP

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