A Sad Day For The Rule Of Law

Crime, corruption, hypocrisy. There are a lot of bad things that go down in Washington. But at least we have the law. Or do we?

Sadly, we are becoming a nation that is abandoning the rule of law. We are divided, with 2 different political parties. And now we are also being forced to live with 2 different sets of rules.

Simply put, the Democrats are out of control.

"It just seems like there is no rule of law today" said political analyst Chris Begala, "It's very disturbing, and I think people are aware of it. It shakes at the fabric of our nation."

Basically, the way it works is, if the Democrats have an issue, they take it to a court that has a Democrat judge who will likely rule in their favor, regardless of the law. Case in point, the crisis at the Border where the Biden administration is not allowing unspeakable damage, they are blatantly breaking the law on a daily basis. "Look at our border, this is an absolute complete disaster" Begala said, "it is very disturbing." As is the major issue here in Houston of bail reform.

Or, how about the run-away Texas Democrats? Elected by the people to do a job that they refuse to do, they fled to Washington over the right to vote, but won't show up for the vote that is party of the duty because they're not happy with the outcome.

"The state representatives and state senators who have left their duties are not doing their job" Begala told KTRH, and that is the truth. When something goes against the Democrats? They simply ignore it, even if it is against the law.

Like the blatant defiance of Governor Abbott's ban against mask mandates. "I really don't see too much light at the end of the tunnel" Begala said, "It's very distressing, if we don't have rule of law, we don't have a country. Sad to say, I don't think it's changing anytime soon."

President Biden Attends Lunch With Senate Democrats At U.S. Capitol

Photo: Getty Images North America

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